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Translation in several languages of this calculator web application is available Base math or science to solve equations or the periodic table.

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  • To calculate the number of numerical values ​​of various characteristics and material parameters. Interesting educational information. For example, in addition to the basic features of the tables to add subtract or multiply. To find out metric units of measurement (length, area, volume and weight) used in the countries of the world, and the most interesting facts about mathematics in the Guide to the calculator as a library.

    This calculator has three fundamental differences from other similar programs online:

    1. No registration or download software to use so not saved calculations.

    2. Creation of any calculation algorithm linear calculation, with the possibility of intermediate results.

    3. The calculator can have different input values ​​produce some calculations engineering, physics or chemistry as calculated .Such a high number to another, calculate exercises trigonometry (sine, cosine, tangent), we find logarithms and base. In addition, you can perform exercises and put pi radians calculated way to calculate Grades exercises. Useful for college, tasks either college and high school

    In addition, this program solves differently for editing and reuse. Change your order or delete unnecessary.